Aladdin Pro is a custodial blockchain wallet with multi-currency support and a seamless management interface.

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What Makes Aladdin Pro Different?

Aladdin Pro is a secure and multi-asset blockchain wallet that provides the best crypto wallet security to enable seamless crypto transfers.

As it redefines crypto security by deploying multi-layer protective measures, it intends to maintain full decentralization with custody control integration.


Aladdin Pro Wallet is made to be compatible with different mobile units and operating systems.


Real-Time Alerts

Users will get real-time notifications every time the Aladdin Pro Wallet will have modifications.


Detailed Transactions

It ensures that both the recipient and the sender can see all details related to a specific transaction.


Reliable Storage

Easy management of your assets, it aims to allow the secure and integrated access point to crypto assets.


Wallet Overview

Aladdin Pro gives crypto holders access to the best crypto wallet in the market today. Scroll down to learn more about the wallet.

How it Works

Aladdin Pro is a custodial blockchain wallet with multi-currency support and a seamless management interface. It has advanced safety features such as unique mobile device identification, email and phone verification, voice recognition, and biometrics. The wallet is perfect for professional traders and users who want to have tight security on their digital assets.

Crypto Payment


Send Crypto


Exchange Crypto

Buy, sell, and exchange digital assets in total privacy as the wallet comes with high security and anonymity to ensure data protection. Get your Aladdin Pro to start accepting payments and send money anywhere using your local currency.


The Aladdin Pro team consists of trained professionals who work tirelessly to ensure the best quality products to their customers. Users are treated to a complete package with the Aladdin Pro Wallet. With top-quality services available within the wallet, users are guaranteed a rich and unique experience. They can rest assured that their assets are in safe hands.

Wallet Features

These key innovative features are what make Aladdin Pro Wallet special among other exchanges. We offer an easy and secured multi-asset blockchain wallet.

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    Secured Payment Gateway

    Aladdin Pro utilizes mobile device identification and location detection. Users can only access their wallets on the device used upon registration.

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    Extensive Asset Support

    You can send or receive different cryptos without switching from one account to another as the wallet enables efficient multi-currency transactions.

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    Impenetrable Defense

    Aladdin Pro Wallet offers world-class protection of crypto assets. The security of the wallet is ensured by multiple authentication methods.

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    Easy Crypto Buying

    You can buy crypto easily with this cutting-edge technology. The wallet is perfect for beginners and professional traders around the globe.

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    Advanced Staking Service

    You can stake your PoS digital assets via a secured and easy-to-use online platform. You can stake several different stakeable digital assets.

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    Smooth Crypto Transactions

    Aladdin Pro Wallet is a powerful and effective wallet that handles more transactions per second. You can enjoy smooth crypto transactions.

App Screens

You can keep your digital assets in your account without having to worry about getting your coins stolen with Aladdin Pro Wallet multi-layer protection.




Wallet Users



Download Aladdin Pro Wallet Application Now

You can enjoy world-class protection, cost-effective, high-performance, and easy-to-use wallet. Download the Aladdin Pro Wallet App to trade anywhere.

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User Manual

To know more about the Aladdin Pro Wallet, we recommend that you download and read the Aladdin Pro User Manual that we prepared below.

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Aladdin Pro users can directly send their requests by clicking this button. Request for change device and change password can be done by providing your registered email address. You must complete the required steps to complete your request. Once sent, this is under the admin's evaluation and subject to approval.